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Company Information

Name:Ecosunte Co., Ltd.
Business:R&D on ecosunte fermented soybean ,Sales of a healthy diet,[Ecosunte Liquid]
Address:1-23-17 Tomioka Koto-ku Tokyo, 135-0047 Japan
PHONE/FAX:Phone: 03-5621-1122 FAX: 03-5621-1123
Paid-in Capital:JPN YEN 36 million
Representative Director:Yukio Arai
Director:Motohisa Hatori
Adviser:Kaname Matsuda(Sales), Masahiro Hashimoto(Operation)
Director:Toshihiro Hashimoto, Issei Watanabe, Yoshiaki Tonoe
Trading Banks:SMBC Fukagawa Morishita branch (Checking account)
Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Nagahara branch (Ordinary account)

Greeting from the Representative

Thank you for visiting Ecosunte Product's website.
For some years, we have been studying the ES fermented soybean diet with the help of universities; we have so far confirmed its antimicrobial effect on food poisoning bacteria, and in bioactivity discovered the colorectal cancer cell growth inhibitory effect and elucidated its mechanism. As a result, the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan nominated us as one of the twenty superior industry-university cooperative projects of 2011. Today, whilst a general hospital in Tokyo has started human clinical trial, some medical institutions working on alternative medicine have already started adopting our product.

Our effort will continue to further develop ES fermented soybean product to let it work for better healthy living of everyone.


Yukio Arai,
Representative Director

* The website of our primary product, Ecosunte Liquid, due to its nature of healthy diet product, was produced under the guidance of the Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health of the Metropolitan Government of Tokyo and Koto-ward Public Health Care Center.